GTA San Andreas vs GTA 5 Comparison

This came out in 2004. Two generations of console goes. So we're not going to be talking about graphics and only gameplay elements. All right, so first off, let's compare the map size of GTA V for versus San Andreas, and this skill comparison was put together by lists square, and he actually scales all of the GTA maps and the GTA series together. And as you can see, the GTA San Andreas map was nearly 30 kilometers, which is substantially bigger than GTA four which actually came of after GTA San Andreas.
And even comparing the map size against GTA five it's still is, you know, a very good map size. I think the map Leo is also worth mentioning too. And San Andreas, we actually had three major cities, which made it feel a lot bigger. And you know, we had the countryside between each of these kind of islands and cities and populated with lots of small towns.

Comparing this, the GTA five we actually only have one major city, which is Los Santos based in Los Angeles. And then basically can have two small country towns in this, so it feels like the GTA San Andreas map was actually a lot more diverse. Next up at the number nine spot are weapons skills. Now, one of my favorite progressions in GTA San Andreas was that each weapon had individual skill progress.
So by using a specific weapon, you would get better at using it and it would actually make that weapon much more effective. So each weapon and San Andreas had three different levels of skills. It started off as pure, and then once you started using it a bit, it would progress to gangster level, which would increase your accuracy and aiming options.

And then if you've managed to use that weapon for long enough to max it out, you'd reach Hitman level, which would increase your accuracy. Your strafe speed, and also even your lock on range, which would further improve the weapon for you. Another advantage of getting your weapons to Hitman level was to be able to dual wield some of the weapons.

So once you got it to that level, you could dual wheeled Uzis. And some of the pistols, and I think even this sewn off shotgun, you could do a wheel, which was pretty awesome. Next up at the number eight spot, our character skills, and it wasn't actually just your weapons that had skills, your character and GTA, San Andreas actually had kind of RPG elements to the way you train up your character.
So the more you played it, the better you would get a certain aspects. For example, there are basic skills such as stamina, respect, even driving or flying or baking, cycling. All of these things had progression for the amount of time that you spent doing it would actually make you better at it. And you also had a few different fun ones such as the gambling skill or even sex appeal by bang, better calls.
And I felt that it would really just kind of help you on this longterm journey to improve all aspects of your character and GTA, San Andreas compared to GTA five and the number seven spot are building interiors. So then the San Andreas, we actually had a whole bunch of accessible interiors. Everything from fast food joints, nightclubs, bars, casinos, gyms, police stations, convenience stores, and even your own businesses and properties that you could choose to buy and own.

And comparing this to GTA five a lot of the buildings don't actually have interiors. You know, we can only see late. The exterior of it, and we can go inside them. And now, granted the graphics are a lot more detailed and GTA five. So the maps obviously a lot bigger and it would take up a lot more memory and storage, um, to, to be able to load all these interiors, but it still would be cool, um, to see.

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